Candle Fig Leaf


THE FRAGRANCE: An earthy scent evoking a summer stroll through a sun-drenched grove of ripe fig trees. Tomato vine, fig leaf and basil enhance luscious notes of sweet fig, violet and Meyer lemon, while a powdery drydown of cedar, sandalwood and amber make this scent complex and alluring.

THE PRODUCT: Our signature soft white hexagonal glass, filled with our soy-paraffin wax blend, results in 60 hours of beautifully scented illumination. Each decorative box includes a set of Antica's signature matches.

  • Provides approximately 60 hours of scented illumination.
  • (9oz / 255g)
  • Fresh scents for the kitchen, warm and soothing bedroom aromas and floral bathroom pairings to brighten your everyday.