The I Hate Kale Cookbook


From the author of The I Hate Tofu Cookbook: Tips and recipes that set the record straight on the leafy green everyone loves to hate.
There are a lot of reasons to hate kale. It’s an upstart. It’s painfully hip. It’s healthy—almost too healthy. Kale will never be bacon.
But if you can get past the hate, you’ll discover even more reasons to love it. Kale isn’t just good for you, it’s also cheap (if you know where to look), versatile (if you know what you’re doing), and downright delicious (when you have the right recipes, like the ones included here).
The I Hate Kale Cookbook teaches you everything you need to know about the infamous green, from where to buy it and how to care for it to handy tips on getting the most out of every bunch. And with thirty-five delectable recipes—from salads and breakfast smoothies to main dishes, side dishes, and party snacks (that’s right, party snacks)—you won’t be able to stay a kale hater for long.